Talent Camp

Edinboro Cabrini Bloomsburg
7 indoor full-length courts 4 courts are air conditioned Suites with private bathrooms
8 indoor courts Recreation Center 2-4 person air-conditions rooms
3 indoor courts 2 person suites NEW Sport Center
  • Swimsuit, sweatshirt, jacket
  • Modest amount of spending money
  • Single bed sheets, pillow and pillow case, blanet
  • Basketball shoes, socks, shorts, and t-shirts

How It Works

Teams will be housed together. Campers can choose their own roommates when they arrive at camp. At Edinboro, players stay in 2-4 person air-conditioned motel-like rooms or suites with private bathrooms. At Tiffin and Bloomsburg, campers are housed 2-to-a-room in the newly renovated residence halls. Both facilities also feature an "all-you-can-eat" air-conditioned dining hall. At Susquehanna University, players are housed 2-to-a-room in the residence hall.


This is an overnight camp 4-days/3-nights in which players are placed on teams. These teams play ten games, nine three-man games, a free throw, 3-point, and 3-on-3 tournament. Players are split up into Point Guards, Inside Players, etc and have Intensive Positive Instruction. No guest speakers. All action from 8:00AM to 10:00 PM. At least the First Day Games, Championship Games, and All-Star Games will be live-streamed and replayed 24/7 to over 300 million people in the United States including your parents, family, friends, and over 2,000 College Coaches!